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Of Fitting in to the Most Peculiar of Places
Of Fitting in to the Most Peculiar of Places
I love these 'Nada Surf' days,
Of jumpers, and jeans,
Of smoking stolen cigarettes in
The finest rain.
I found a lake, nearby,
I never knew existed (or maybe I did),
Only the trees to bear witness,
To my trespasses.
A child's swing set still stands,
In the loneliest of play parks,
Half swallowed by the earth,
The see-saw long since removed.
Flat, water-saturated concrete,
More even than my bedroom floorboards,
Let alone my roads,
This place isn't mine.
I don't belong.
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I Bleed Vodka
I Bleed Vodka
Would have done anything that night
So hopelessly, pathetically, inextricably in love with you
Only, it's taken until now to realise
And the only thing you asked was to stop
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b r us h . y o u r . t e e t h .
b e f o r e . y o u . g o . t o .
b e d . m y . d a r l i n g .
b e f o r e . t h i s . a c i d .
r o t s . u s . b o t h . t o .
N O T H I N G !
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Mature content
Who Are You :iconkindofpoisonous:KindOfPoisonous 0 0
Just Butterfly Kisses
Just Butterfly Kisses
...and, I wish I could say
That nothing has changed
Between us- all of us-
But, oh...
My Dear, I'm afraid it has.
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Mature content
Lack A Little Self-Control :iconkindofpoisonous:KindOfPoisonous 0 0
Mature content
Old Flames :iconkindofpoisonous:KindOfPoisonous 0 0
these songs make me feel sick but it kills my mind
for just long enough.
never felt anger like this for someone i knew before.
dont know how to process it
what to do with it.
cant help and i know that i know i cant change anything.
just never felt this way before...
tell me what you need please and ill try so fucking hard for you
hurts you to see me like this but it hurts me too.
kill myself trying if i had to.
takes me back to holding your had so tight on the floor
promising you everything i had everything i will have
but all you saw is drunk.
eats away at my insides like an acid i cant purge.
you can get help but im not there for that.
i am self destruction
drink every night to forget the all the shit i ever did.
give me something stronger.
let me be happy.
save my fucking soul
(save yourself first, ill wait).
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Terrible atrocities happen every day.
No one sees.
"Unity" has taken on a different meaning-
How does anyone "unite" when we close our borders?
They tell you it's "nationalism".
That you're "un-patriotic".
It takes the light of suicide-bombs to burn your retinas,
When you're living in the light.
:iconkindofpoisonous:KindOfPoisonous 0 1
Love Letters to Myself
Love Letters to Myself
Coffee stained lips,
Eyes to get lost in.
I could love you forever,
If only you'd let me.
Take this hurt from inside of you
Bury it- deep- in the forest,
With all the years you ruined
Fucking everything up again and again.
Take your guilt ridden soul
Drown it- slow- in the ocean,
With your heart and your lungs
Until you can't breathe anymore.
Smoked out lungs,
Liver doused in vodka.
No one else is going to love you,
Not like me.
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KILL! die...
KILL! die...
I've always been afraid
You'd shake and cry and collapse if you felt this
Just like I do.
Alas, you never will.
Hack away at your body piece by piece
Until there's nothing left
To feel the fear
The blind fucking panic.
My friends encourage self destruction...
Just destruction?
Explosion, implosion.
Mental break downs are celebrated in this town
My tiny mind pressed the "EJECT" button long ago
I'm all alone
Half in half out
No idea who I am or who I should be.
Says she understands but it's not that simple.
This isn't some cat scratch on porcelain skin
I have nothing to hold onto and I can't stop
Never stop
Kill my mind
Kill the fear
Kill the body
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Darling, Can't You See Me
Darling, Can't You See Me
I'm not the only one
Tearing up the dictionary trying to make sense
Of this mess inside my head.
And I know you don't care.
Because my ugly, pock-marred face doesn't grace
The covers of your glossy, high-end magazines,
But someone else's does- someone pretty,
someone who looks alive even if they're dead
And rotting on the insides.
You'd save them in a second.
You don't even know the fucker.
You know me (act like you care).
Neither one of us can make heads nor tails
Of who I'm supposed to be.
Or the lies I kept telling myself for so long.
So kill me,
Before I beat you to it
:iconkindofpoisonous:KindOfPoisonous 0 0
it is so easy
to simply let yourself
be eaten away.
i am almost nothing.
and still,
this hunger inside me,
it grows.
i will get my revenge.
                   ...wait for it,
                               ...wait for it...
:iconkindofpoisonous:KindOfPoisonous 1 0
you'd keep me wrapped up in cotton and brown paper if i'd let you
reminding you of yourself, and i can't apologise enough for ruining your life like i have.
not even real half the time, you're so damn similar, we're the same.
please stop caring.
cut me loose from your strings make me walk on my own two feet instead of yours,
i will remain a child for as long as you keep me in this headspace-
:iconkindofpoisonous:KindOfPoisonous 0 0
Paper Dolls and Ink-Blot Hearts
Paper Dolls and Ink-Blot Hearts
Get me drunk (please!).
Make me different to the person I am,
Turn me into the person I crave to be.
I am a danger to myself (was, was, was).
The thought of these two people comforts me more than anything.
Let me be...
Nothing is real.
Fear, and hate, and pain reside deep in me, lodged in my chest,
I can't breathe.
Paper dolls don't need oxygen like real girls do, anyway.
Burn out my ink-blot heart...
Makes no difference to me.
:iconkindofpoisonous:KindOfPoisonous 0 0
Piggy, Squeal
Piggy, Squeal
Scream 'til your ears fucking bleed
and hope for death, knowing that Death is kind
to give you release
but I shall show no such mercy.
When you beg and plead with your God and your luck
and you cry like an infant for its mother
I will laugh having caused you such pain.
I will smile
I will revel in how sweet it is
to watch the mighty fall.
Only, you were never truly mighty,
only unjust and high on power-
but Power, my dearest friend, is one such opium which wears with time
leaving behind the sour taste of the hatred and disgust
of the ones who suffered under your unruly, ungrateful thumb.
Well, now you have no thumb to hold us down.
You have no gut to digest your "superiority".
You have no eyes to tell the difference between the rich and the poor,
those who take advantage and those who are taken advantage of.
You have no windpipe to breathe the air you never fucking deserved.
:iconkindofpoisonous:KindOfPoisonous 1 0


a poem on my unforgiveness.
I have flooded basins of pages
with poems, pointing to your lonely
in a red only she can pull off.
I cannot forgive your quiet but
I know I would never have done
the same,
I know your words still have my aftertaste and someone who could keep
me so carefully in the dim light of convenience
cannot be hushed from my pulse.
Trust me,
I've tried.
I remember you when I forget I'm happy;
you forget me when you remember you are.
:iconyour-methamphetamine:your-methamphetamine 31 3
looking back, unaccepting
i. When I say I was all in, I imagined it a congenital accident--
tearing limb from my own limb to accept a disembodied lonely
across the tightrope of the universe.
I still hear your voice when I cannot sleep.
ii. I don’t remember when I wanted love to hurt at my mention;
all there is: my missing burned hotter than theirs,
my crushed felt too close to sand when theirs looked like shards at best,
my lonely was doused in acid made, truly, in Pakistan.
I stopped waiting for the pendulum to swing.
iii. When did forgiveness let your lungs breathe easier?
iv. I miss you for loving me despite everything, even
your own child.
v. I wish it was me, the one with whom it just
“worked,” where it was fluid like the siren-home I could never find.
I miss you in the way your collarbones dipped like a big blue
letting go of the land.
vi. I wish it had been me, just as I wish
It had been you.
:iconyour-methamphetamine:your-methamphetamine 13 4
xli. we are ticking time bombs.
the only reason why he looks at me like
i am a
         o                  e                         t        o
c                s     t           l         l               i        n
               n                                     a

is because like the stars
:iconvvinter-flowers:vvinter-flowers 28 32
a storm is on its way tonight
i do what i do and start to write
persecute my thoughts because i don’t mind
being someone I don’t like
i found another song to match my mood
but i am not the lyrics in this tune
i will stop finding myself in you
as soon as these echoes leave my room
so i lull these rusted strings to sleep
beside old verses that i keep
unfinished, unsung, yet still they bleed,
for the same deliberation my skin breathes
i tuck myself in with a rhyming suit
untied necktie, patterned like lying fools
black socks inside my frigid laced shoes
good night to the child my mother never knew
sorry, my words are contrived and confusing
innocent victims of my social standing
i’ll tell you a secret that seems<
:iconvvinter-flowers:vvinter-flowers 16 5
while i sit in my crumpled shirt,
naked legs and bleached underwear
i ponder about silence and solitude
along with the brotherhood they share
        they were the flat lines in heart monitors,
        the shooting stars that happen behind your back
        the budding flowers and sleeping children
                the world that happens while you sleep
                                and like the ticking of the clock
                                they bear a loneliness
:iconvvinter-flowers:vvinter-flowers 109 51
a poem on the underwhelming
allow me to step outside your mind's autopsis -
comet shower following its own end, how did you program
your last remnant of humanity this way?
I listen for the sound of my mind, panting,
punching for a way out of the numb density
of this cranial vault; do I get to admit how
taciturn I have convexed?
do I get to say this is taxing? this catastrophe
needs a self-destruct button unless
it is coded for the end, anyway.
I have imagined the eye of the storm falling asleep
when its winds run against the rotation of the earth -
finally, I hear it say, rest without time slipping through my fingers.
I don't know how long it's been since my chest
did not tighten at the thought of losing time; when was I
so unaware of my shortcomings? fatal flaw,
I did not foresee
this preempted consuming.
:iconyour-methamphetamine:your-methamphetamine 13 20
anabolic alcoholic, summer
had dreams
of watching you soar through
hammock seams and i had
almost found your reluctance
but then liquor dripped
and ran rather deep -
mounds of molehills
you drained with coke
and found
vodka leaked jaws and i
told you the dreams;
the heights summer had
but you
liked disappoint-
-ment etched in your
left cleft joints
so swallowing, wallowing
in catabolic ache
liquid froze at the
nape of your
neck and this white-red-pink wine
you love somehow
stole summer's dreams
and winds and thaw.
:iconyour-methamphetamine:your-methamphetamine 31 26
The Haunting by machihuahua The Haunting :iconmachihuahua:machihuahua 69 1
For the girl with the ashen heart and jackdaw grin
She was the girl with the autumn limbs
All wildfire eyes and bonfire lips
Aching to tear the tress into a clamour of sun beams
And crackling breaths split the sky into a smile
She had forests sewn into her veins
All thick grooves of amber and phosphate
Etched into the curves of her spine and empty synapses
Feline limbs and a lone wolf persona
Hangs on the slopes of her mountain range collar bones
She was the girl that you’d search oceans for
Her glowing fingertips and bird wing bones
Fleeting like the winds got hold of her aching soul
She’d paint constellations on her rib cage
To make the star strewn sky look a little less lonely
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 77 15
I wedged the remains of your bus ticket veins
And chloroform sticky notes under the floor boards
Concealing them, out of sight out of mind, but I swear
Sometimes at night I can hear them crunching
Vowels like bones between their molars
Aching for the flesh and thesis of pretty little girls
Filmy and crackling like static between the slopes
Of your shoulders, those quiet spaces between
The short lived confessions and pulpits of your
Half assed convictions and lovers trysts.
Hardly left any room
For the gods to reside in the pieces of heaven
That you scattered across the carpet
Of your apartment floor
in hopes of catching angels between ash trays.
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 29 4
Hello... by TTMarvinTT Hello... :iconttmarvintt:TTMarvinTT 2,988 159
The human condition of wanting to be everything
I feel as though I am exhausting
The excess skin around
My eyes
in loose shadows
Across my cheekbones like
A wreath.
And whilst I find myself
To draw open the blinds
Because the light
is too bright
And I really can’t handle
The pane of the sky
With its obnoxious
glaring at me
With such a joyful expression
I know that lately
I am burning myself out
That I consume one too many
Cans of soda and energy drinks
At 2.45 AM
When the rest of the world
Is static in a hushed
Comatose state
Whilst I frantically try
To achieve something
Because being
Is too much
Or rather too
An existence for me
So I will continue
This crazed
In order to
Try and destroy myself
Enough so that
I can be w h o l e
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 53 12
For You by thejamesstark For You :iconthejamesstark:thejamesstark 9 1 Consciousness (2014) by elevonART Consciousness (2014) :iconelevonart:elevonART 257 23 Horizons by McKenzie-James Horizons :iconmckenzie-james:McKenzie-James 15 2 I.D. by McKenzie-James I.D. :iconmckenzie-james:McKenzie-James 4 0


Some people don't like comments on their posts, or "works" or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. I like knowing because I don't make sense to myself half the time. Tell me what you think always and honestly.


United Kingdom
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